You don't have to be the boss to be the leader.


How can I stop being the boss of my own company, you ask?

Listen, we hear you. It's a tough concept to process. But consider this:

As a boss, you're the one who not only creates the business plan, but makes sure it gets executed. You are the "go to" person to resolve issues, hold the team accountable, provide direction, and to know how the business is performing.

Is it any wonder you've lost the passion you once had? Did you really sign up to be the BOSS?

Slap on a dose of decision fatigue and wash it down with a tall glass of burn out while you're at it.

Being a great leader doesn't mean you have to be a great boss.

As the leader of your company, your role is unique.

It's your job to drive the vision of the business. What's that big purpose of yours?

And as the leader of your company, you control the company culture, come up with the great big ideas, maintain thought leadership and manage key relationships.

Doesn't that sound so much more like what you signed up for in the beginning?

We promise you, your business can grow by leaps and bounds if you can just stop trying to be the boss.

What you really need is a controller of chaos.

Here's where we come in...

Business Blueprint

This 2-3 hour working session applies the philosophies of Entrepreneurial Growth Formula to your strategic business plan. The result is a documented guide to be used with your team as the foundation from which all business decisions are made. 

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Fractional Integrators

Fractional Integrators manage the team and execute the plan. Female founders who work with Fractional Integrators spend more time in their zone of genius, have better returns on investment, higher customer retention, and empowered teams. Work with an Integrator or CMO.

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Get Certified

Already have an Integrator? The Entrepreneurial Growth Formula is like a mini-MBA for teams of female founders. It teaches your current employees best practices, strategic thinking and data-driven decision making. Soon, your team will be creating plans, managing budgets, measuring performance, and managing themselves.

Starting at $3,000/mo

Entrepreneurial Growth Formula

Get the skinny on the framework designed BY women in business FOR women in business. The Entrepreneurial Growth Formula tools and philosophies are how SHE-Suite Integrators are transforming businesses and freeing up time for female founders like you.

Strategy Call

Do you have a specific topic that requires extra focus?

A strategy session is a great, value-packed solution!

Fifty minutes of focused one-on-one phone time.

You bring your business challenge and I’ll offer results-oriented solutions that move you forward.


Casey Gromer, Founder & CEO of SHE-Suite Boutique

Profit without passion is pointless.