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Are you a super focused strategic thinker looking for an opportunity to impact change in a big way?

SHE-Suite Boutique is adding to our team of Fractional Integrator consultants who are running businesses on behalf of purpose-driven female founders.


At SHE-Suite Boutique, we think it’s high time for women to run the world. Because of our work, a greater percentage of women business owners are making a huge difference as they successfully and sustainably lead multi-million dollar companies of high-performing teams profitably without losing the passion and purpose from which they started.


SHE-Suite Boutique provides the framework for running 7+ figure businesses using our exclusive Entrepreneurial Growth Formula, allowing female founders freedom to focus on the big picture and step away from their day-to-day operations. As Fractional Integrators, our team of seasoned consultants advances the visions of our clients by making strategic decisions, executing business plans, leading support teams, and creating profitable processes.


The SHE-Suite Boutique was born from the concept of the popular corporate term: C-Suite. A corporate C-Suite is comprised of the most senior executives of the company and might include all the “chiefs”: Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), or Chief Operating Officer (COO). The role of the C-Suite is to provide strategic guidance to the CEO and lead their respective arms of the company.


Entrepreneurial female businesses do not have the budget to hire a professional level C-Suite. Yet, there’s still a need for the strategic guidance and leadership. SHE-Suite Integrators have the skill and expertise to step into this role on a “fractional” – or part-time – basis, freeing up founders to focus on the big picture, the strategic direction, and the culture of their companies.


SHE-Suite Boutique is a start-up company. We are currently building our team, our book of business, and our thought leadership in the female founder space.


The SHE-Suite Boutique is seeking partners to join in our crusade to improve the statistics of women-owned businesses and to bring the World-changing visions of women to life. As a partner in the business, you will not only serve our clients, but also plan the future SHE-Suite Boutique as a member of the leadership team. You will be required to attend company round-tables, where all Integrators bring client experiences and challenges for discussion and feedback. This gives our clients the benefit of access to the support and knowledge of a broad skill set.


The fractional integrator role is a great fit for someone with years of broad education or experience in business – either in the corporate environment or as an entrepreneur yourself. Fractional Integrators are able to connect the business’s financial strategy to operations and marketing and have experience building and leading teams.


The best fit for this role is someone who is passionate about advancing women in business, has the ability to articulate big visions and the drive to achieve. The fractional integrator is a partner in the SHE-Suite Boutique and committed to being a team player – not only for the advancement of our business, but also those of our clients.


SHE-Suite Boutique is built BY women FOR women and your commitment to balance in all areas of your life and those of our clients is paramount for success. You believe success does not come at the expense of sanity.


To consider this role, it is recommended that you are financially stable, flexible, and willing to be “on the bench” at times as client needs shift. The Fractional Integrator is a great fit for someone wanting to ease back into the workforce, who is looking for flexibility and balance in work and personal life, or who is transitioning away from a full-time corporate job.


If you are someone who is open to the challenge of building a brand, building a book of business, and being part of growing something bigger, you are encouraged to apply.


Fractional Integrators at SHE-Suite Boutique are leading companies on behalf of purpose-driven, entrepreneurial female founders who are running businesses between $1m and $5mm.

As a Fractional Integrator, you will:

  • Sit directly below the female founder and lead cross-functional teams of marketing, finance, operations, etc.
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the business, holding team members accountable to the business plan
  • Tie together the major functions of clients’ businesses
  • Provide cadence and consistency via organizational clarity and communication
  • Take accountability for clients’ P&L results
  • Offer issue resolutions, strategic decision-making and remove obstacles
  • Maintain focus of visionary female founders and their teams
  • Create team unity
  • Participate in prioritization of initiatives, projects, and tasks
  • Be a SHE-Suite brand ambassador and team player


  • Create and execute SHE-Suite Business Blueprints (aka strategic business plans)
  • Conduct and participate in annual and quarterly client strategic planning sessions
  • Set and report on company leading and lagging metrics and KPIs (aka scorecard). This may require access to client backend systems and software.
  • Lead, manage, and follow up on team meetings, Level-10s, Same Page meetings (and occasionally team member 1:1s)
  • Evaluate teams and employees for “right fit,” hiring, firing, and coaching as necessary.
  • Create and implement standard operating procedures, utilizing tools and software for project management as necessary.
  • Hold client team members accountable to metrics, goals, deadlines, budgets, and outcomes
  • Create and/or manage company budgets
  • Provide reporting to clients on performance of financials, metrics, and team members
  • Understand and map clients’ customer journeys; use customer journeys to make marketing and operational decisions
  • Become an expert on and self-implement or maintain Entrepreneurial
  • Growth Formula and Entrepreneurial Operating System in client businesses
  • Uphold and advocate for SHE-Suite brand and brand values with clients, prospects and community
  • Participate, as necessary, in prospecting and sales efforts to bring in new clients
  • Participate in SHE-Suite company quarterly and annual strategic planning process
  • Advise other fractional integrators on your own areas of experience and expertise



  • Business acumen in areas of finance, marketing, and/or operations
  • Strategic thinker
  • Proven leadership abilities
  • Focused
  • Goal-oriented
  • Continuous learner
  • Continuous improvement
  • Catalyst for change
  • Project management
  • Organized
  • Get stuff done
  • High in follow-through
  • Results-oriented
  • Responsible, reliable, adaptable
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Logical thinking
  • Comfortable initiating tough conversations, yet professional and supportive



  • Qualify as an Integrator on the EOS Visionary / Integrator assessment (
  • BA or MBA in business related field OR 5+ years of experience in either a corporate environment or as an entrepreneur
  • 2+ years experience leading people and teams
  • Familiarity with or ability to learn EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System @
  • Willingness to learn and adopt the Entrepreneurial Growth Formula
  • Ability to work a minimum of 10-15 hours per week during standard business hours
  • Experience working in a virtual environment
  • Ability to give SHE-Suite Boutique and its clients first priority.
  • Agencies and consultants using sub-contractor to serve clients need not apply.
  • Must have functional work station and high speed internet
  • Desire for continuous learning via relevant books, courses, certifications, programs, etc
  • Working knowledge of any or all of the following: financial statements, dashboards, business plans, analytics, etc
  • Knowledge of or experience with any of the following software: Zoom, Asana, ClickUp,, Traction Tools, QuickBooks, Trello, Google Calendar, G-Suite, Microsoft suite, etc



  • Get certified in the SHE-Suite Entrepreneurial Growth Formula framework
  • Flexible schedule – SHE-Suite Integrators work 100% remotely on a flexible schedule anywhere from 10-15 hours per week per client. You get to decide how many clients you desire to work with at one time.
  • Bonuses, advancement, and profit sharing opportunity
  • Starting pay is $35-$50 per hour, based on experience, with pay raises built in incrementally
  • Opportunity to participate on the leadership team of an up and coming start-up company and to build a purpose-driven business from the ground up
  • This is currently considered a 1099 contract position.



Profit without purpose is pointless –

In a society that thrives on vanity metrics, revenue at any cost, and bro-marketing, we strive to bring the purpose back to the world of business. Profits come naturally when we are focused on achieving true purpose and when we connect with a tribe of loyal customers who believe in us and our values.

We define our own success –

Success can only be determined on our own terms. By getting clear on our purpose and methodically tracking our journey towards our goals, we will know exactly the moment we have arrived.

Success is not a fair trade for sanity –

True success does not require sacrificing the joys of life – sleep, family, friends, or self-care. Success means that we’ve planned accordingly for controlled growth and built into our formula space for the things we value most.

We do not seek success FROM our customers, but FOR our customers –

Profitable companies are built on the foundation of customer experience and relationships.

Focus on your unique ability –

Many women put pressure on themselves to do it all, finding it difficult to ask for help. In actuality, we are all blessed with our own natural strengths and skills, and when given an opportunity to practice them, we excel. We are all better off when we can stick to what we do best and trust that we’ve put the right people in the right places to fill in those gaps.

Women leaders rule –

For real. Despite societal stereotypes, women typically present with higher scores in qualities that are generally thought to make great leaders. We are known to be more resilient, take more initiative, practice more self-development, be more results oriented, and are better at inspiring and motivating others. Let’s not forget to mention that we are excellent champions for change and better at building relationships and developing others. Women have a tendency to operate with more integrity and honesty and to exercise empathy and vulnerability – all qualities of excellent leadership.

Interested candidates can apply here

Applications will be reviewed through August 15.

Phone interviews will be scheduled through the week of August 22.

If you don't hear from us, please know that your interest is appreciated! All resumes will be kept on file for consideration of future opportunities.

We are a busy small business. We would love nothing more than to reach out directly to each applicant. But due to time constraints, we may not be able to respond to each individual.