Business Blueprint

Entrepreneurial Growth Formula

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Where would you be if all the pieces of your business were truly aligned?

  • Attracting the right customers
  • Messaging that converts
  • Standing out from your competition
  • Closing in on your big hairy goals
  • Spending more time on the next big idea and letting your support team handle the day-to-day decisions
Marketing Blueprint

Focus and clarity to scale to your next big thing

Your Business Blueprint is the first step in creating an Entrepreneurial Growth Formula that advances your vision and enhances your brand. It's a custom developed business strategy created with the long-term vision of your business in mind.

Company Persona

A brand strategy that tells the compelling story of who you are, what you do, what you stand for, and why you do it

Buyer Peronas

A deep dive into the head of your ideal buyer, what’s really important to them, and where you will find them

Unique Value

An in depth look at the competitive market that identifies the positive ways you stand out


Next steps to implementing your Marketing Blueprint guidelines to get the most value


Here's what you get —

  • BOOK. A copy of A Fresh Wave of Marketing is yours to keep. Use it to consider new ways of looking at your business and your marketing.
  • WORKBOOK. Many clients like to jot down ideas or notes before or during our call. Use the workbook to know what to expect and to capture these thoughts as you go along.
  • TOOLS. The Business Blueprint is a library of tools you will use to create focus, set the direction for your support team, engage with more of the right customers, reach your audience, find your message, and make decisions for marketing.
  • BLUEPRINT. Your finished product is a beautifully documented electronic Business Blueprint that's yours to keep.
  • SUCCESS. Your Blueprint defines what success looks like for you and shows you how to measure your progress.


When you're ready to turn chaos to clarity, book your Business Blueprint package.



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Who’s it for?

The Business Blueprint is a valuable tool for any size business. Here are some possible things to consider before investing in the work:

  • Are you a visionary full of big ideas but need help making them happen?
  • Do you have some support roles already in place?
  • Are you launching a product, program, or new service soon?
  • Are you working with internal employees or external agencies, freelancers, contractors, or consultants?
  • Is it a struggle to find the right words and the right content to connect with and engage your audience?
  • Would it benefit you to stay focused in a certain direction?
  • Have you hit a plateau or are you wanting to reach to the next stage of business?


If you answered yes to any of the above, the Business Blueprint can work for you.


If you are still wondering if the Business Blueprint is a good fit, you can schedule a complementary consultation to get your questions answered.