Sell Online Using Video

sell online using video

Don’t let quarantine stop you from making sales. Anyone who is used to doing business face-to-face might be wondering how they can take customer relationships and sales online. While the entire world is “social distancing” right now, the country is looking for ways to stay connected and keep some semblance of normalcy. Using video is…

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Small Business Disaster Recovery

Small business owners are in unprecedented times. No one is immune to the affects of this international pandemic. No matter how hard we work to support each other, many businesses will not survive the economic fallout. It’s devastating. Many small businesses will qualify for special sanctions and economic relief. Here are the top resources you…

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A Fresh Wave of Marketing


Casey recently enjoyed speaking all things marketing with one of her business besties, Alesia Galati on her podcast, The Honest Product Bench. The women discussed product-based marketing and how to get your product-based marketing efforts started. Casey shares her expertise pulling from 20 years in corporate marketing and her entrepreneurial experience running the marketing efforts…

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Simple Tricks To Optimize Your Marketing Strategy For Growth

Marketing Strategy For Growth

Why is your marketing strategy not working? Have you taken the time to document your marketing strategy, but still feel unfocused or unsuccessful with your efforts? First, kudos to you for recognizing that a business doesn’t just launch itself on a great idea. Most successful businesses spend time working on the foundation of who they…

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