Introducing Female Founders Breaking Boundaries Podcast

female founders breaking boundaries podcast

Women are still at a significant disadvantage in the working world. Especially in our Covid-era, families are scrambling to compensate for closures of schools, daycares, and places of employment.  Working moms lost 2.2 million jobs to the 870,000 lost by working dads. Lost wages due to moms reducing their hours or leaving their jobs equates…

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5 Hidden Signs You’re Not Delivering What You Promise to Your Customers


It’s easy to chalk up trends in your business to situations outside your control, especially during a global pandemic.  If sales are sluggish, we might infer customers are tightening their financial belts and cutting expenses. But, if you’re an eCommerce or subscription based business, sluggish engagement might actually be a sign that there’s adjustments needed.…

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Company Persona- Purpose, Focus, and Values

company persona

Sometimes, making a tweak to how the CEO and her team views the “big picture” of the company makes a significant impact in the effectiveness of marketing and operations. It might seem simple but aligning your team around the WHY of your company can have deep impacts for hiring , employee development, and service delivery. …

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Measuring the Right Metrics to Get the Results You Want

she-suite boutique | metrics

  Tracking metrics is important for all businesses, large and small. Metrics provide an actionable way to achieve your overall business strategies and goals. But, not all metrics are created equal, and different metrics may be important for different businesses. Do you know which metrics are most important for the long-term success of your business?…

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Moving Past Business Norms to Create Success as a Female Entrepreneur


Casey was recently invited to join her friend Lindsey Johnson on The Legacy Entrepreneur podcast where they discussed Casey’s journey as a female entrepreneur, moving past societal norms that women are faced with and ultimately finding her calling working with visionary female founders. Lindsey is a brand and messaging strategist, she started The Legacy Entrepreneur…

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How To Get More Value From Your Vision Statement

company vision statement

Getting Value From Your Comapny’s Vision Statement The value of a good vision statement for your company can be worth its weight in gold.   How comfortable are you with your company’s current vision statement?   The vision – or as we like to refer to it at SHE-Suite Boutique, your company’s purpose – is…

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How to Execute a Marketing Plan with a Team

execute a marketing plan

Executing a Marketing Plan Christina Nicholson is a former TV reporter and anchor who owns the Media Maven public relations agency. She understands the importance of creating content and delivering it to the public, and she recognizes the media landscape is constantly changing. Her podcast, Become a Media Maven, is for business owners who want…

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From Corporate Marketing to Fractional CMO

casey gromer

Casey recently had the pleasure of joining Lauren Allen on the Corporate School Dropout podcast. In Episode 54, titled From Corporate Marketing to Fractional CMO – Meet Casey Gromer, they discussed how Casey started her career as a young woman eager to climb the corporate ladder and find success in a corporate environment.  Casey’s proud…

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The Five “Whys” of a Successful Pandemic Pivot

Successful Pandemic Pivot

When social distancing is now the norm, how are businesses who rely on face-to-face finding new ways to serve their customers? Good, bad or indifferent, the way you conduct business today is not the same as you did yesterday. Or last week. Or the month before.    And not a single business is immune to…

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Don’t Let Covid-19 Sucker Punch Your Business

business during covid-19

Have you heard? There’s a pandemic going around. My coping mechanism is humor because it helps me bury feelings of sadness, anger, or despair. And you can bet I’m feeling all of those things right now. I have a heart to serve. My super power is taking someone else’s vision and guide their leadership teams…

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