Fractional Operations for women- owned online businesses

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Yes, Sister!

It's true. You CAN have your cake and eat it, too.

You can run a successful, purpose-driven business without burning out, losing motivation, giving up time with your loved ones, and throwing self-care out the window.

Your SHE-Suite operations team takes on the heavy lifting of running your business profitably so you can spend your time on passion and purpose.

What do you need today?

SHE-Suite Blueprint

30-days to create your customized strategic business plan. Get your team on the same page around a more centered purpose.

SHE-Suite Integrator

Hire an instant executive. Our SHE-Suite Integrators use the Entrepreneurial Growth Formula to run your business operations on your behalf.

SHE-Suite Certification

Build your SHE-Suite from within. The Entrepreneurial Growth Formula certification is like a mini-MBA specifically for female leaders.

Penny Bauder Green Kid Crafts Founder

Penny Bauder

Founder, Green Kid Crafts

I'm so thankful to have Casey leading our team. For the first time in years, I'm taking step back from the stress of running a fast-growing e-commerce company to spend time dreaming up new products and creating new partnerships to grow the business. In a few short months, Casey has brought our teams together and everything is running like clockwork. 

Jessica Principe

Jessica Pricipe

Founder, All Girl Shave Club

As a true visionary, I have 100 different ideas a day. Before I met Casey, I was all over the place. I was struggling to translate my vision into strategy. I could not turn my great ideas into plans to be executed. With Casey's help, I used the Business Blueprint and Entrepreneurial Growth Formula to develop a solid foundation for my business. Not only do I have a solid strategy, I have a plan broken into functional parts so when I show up at work every day, I know exactly what me and my team should be focused on. I'm so thankful to have that weight off my shoulders. 


Meet Your SHE-Suite

Your SHE-Suite are experienced entrepreneurs and past corporate leaders who's collective years of education and experience make them perfect Chiefs of Staff for busy female founders like you. Our job as your right hand is to take the stress of decision fatigue and day-to-day operations off your plate while maintaining company focus, improving profits, and advancing your company's purpose.

We use the tools available to us through the Entrepreneurial Growth Formula to get your strategy, plans, processes, and people all moving in the same direction.

We've spent years perfecting our leadership skills and now use this magic to lift up women-owned businesses who are making big impacts.