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Get out of leadership burnout

Are you a visionary or a CEO? When you know how your strengths play into your leadership style, you can build your team and run your business in a way that feels calm, comfortable, and effortless.


Only 2.3% of venture capital recipients are women.

Source: Inc. Magazine


Only one in five firms with revenue of $1 million or more is woman-owned.

Source: Forbes


Female founded companies, tend to outperform their male counterparts. In one study, by 63%.

Source: Fortune

Women do not have to sacrifice themselves, their sanity, or their priorities to have an incredible impact on the world.

It's true. You can lead a successful, purpose driven business without running it. And without burning out!

At SHE-Suite, we run successful female-founded online businesses, so visionary CEOs spend more time on passion and purpose. 

We start by creating a strategic growth plan for your business, and then act as your virtual C-Suite team to execute the plan.  We run profitable businesses - and guess what, no one needs to throw self-care, time with their loved ones out the window. 

Strategic Planning

You might be surprised at how much easier it is to create space in your life with a strong strategic plan.

Entrepreneurial Growth Formula

Your Virtual C-Suite

We run businesses as your virtual C-Suite team and integrator. We keep your business running for you.

What's an Integrator?


Join The Boardroom for access to a Virtual C-Suite of experts who are "on-call" to help you make solid decisions about your operations, finances, marketing, HR, and legal.

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Jessica Principe, All Girl Shave Club

"As a true visionary, I have 100 different ideas a day. Before I met Casey, I was struggling to translate my vision into strategy. I could not turn my great ideas into plans to be executed. With Casey's help, I developed a solid foundation for my business. When I show up at work every day, I know exactly what my team and I need to focus on. I'm so thankful to have that weight off my shoulders." 

Jessica was quickly able to spend more time with her family, and take on that business mentorship role she'd always dreamed of. She's just launched a YouTube channel to inspire and encourage other subscription box entrepreneurs.

Are you a visionary female founder wondering how to create much needed space in your life?